A new standard of care for people facing serious illness

Votive Health is a data-driven network manager working to remove the barriers between cost and care so that people living with serious illness can focus on the quality of their lives and providers can focus on their quality of care.

Current research shows that 5% of payer covered lives account for 32% of the national healthcare spend. Most of these people have a serious illness and would benefit from care at home. But that’s not what happens. Over 70% of the spend on people in their last two years of life comes from unnecessary and unwanted inpatient and facility stays. On average, people with serious illness stay in the hospital longer and are far more costly. By even reducing one unnecessary hospitalization, we can reduce significant unnecessary cost while improving patient quality of life.

Votive Health is a data-driven network manager working to remove the barriers between cost and care so that people living with serious illness can focus on the quality of their lives and providers can focus on their quality of care. 

Votive Health brings together and supports interdisciplinary teams to promote effective, quality driven provider performance, improved patient outcomes and decreased healthcare costs. Our tools and services support the ability of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to move from volume to value.

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What We Do for Payers

Health plans aren't able to develop and maintain a network to ensure that the right providers are in place to support complex and serious illness patients. As a result, health plans are unable to meet the needs of their members or offer coverage for non-medical services which are often a critical lifeline to patients and caregivers dealing with a serious illness.

Votive Health meets the challenge. Our data-driven platform builds, manages, and optimizes serious illness networks for payers and providers. We aggregate providers to engage in value-based agreements and take accountability for quality and performance.


To build and sustain this high-quality network, Votive Health provides the following services to payers:

  • Identifies and assesses members with serious illness

  • Designs and customizes services to improve access to high-quality care

  • Identifies and monitors specialty providers

  • Coordinates the right care at the right time for each individual member


Through a combination of data, quality metrics, and engagement tools, Votive Health matches the right resources to the needs of each patient and their family to deliver the right care at the right time. The results are net cost savings per member, increased engagement and member satisfaction.


Votive Health supports providers by helping them prepare for, and succeed, with value-based payment agreements. We simplify the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment by helping providers understand their readiness and market opportunity, and by developing and negotiating value-based arrangements. We then support lead generation and performance to deliver a successful value-based care arrangement.

Once a customer signs onto the Votive Health network, a rigorous 12-month qualification and verification process begins, including:

  • Readiness assessment

  • Capacity assessment

  • Market assessment

  • Payer/provider opportunity analysis

  • Baseline population analysis

  • Access to policy, strategy, and analytics resources

  • Care model definition & gaps analysis

  • Contract negotiation & pricing

  • Go-to-market implementation planning

Upon successfully completing qualification and price negotiation, the customer emerges with:

  • Network engagement strategy

  • Payer/Provider contract

  • Shared workflows & strategic plan

What We Do for Providers



Votive Health is led by a visionary, passionate and nationally recognized team. We leverage our expertise in network analysis, information technology, and capacity management to improve market performance for payers, reliable referrals for providers, and excellent care for patients.


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Our industry expertise and partnerships with leading clinical and academic organizations allow us to develop and expand our services to provide scalable and tailored solutions. Connect with us to learn more about our work and solutions. 




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